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1st day of kindergarten 2010

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    the 1st day of kindergarten. I took the day off since Riley had the afternoon class and we were getting new bunkbeds and our sofa today!

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February 22, 2011



Sigh....missed glee.
5- I know right!!! Laney wiped my kiss off tonight so I completely smothered her. In kisses and said mama kisses can never come off.
Um yah- it sure looks like Christmas out there.

Cassie Jebber

2) What a happy Love day!
4) Oh, as I read this I felt such jealousy. Oh, how I would love to rock my Connor. Oh I wish...I wish...I'm gonna try!
5) I didn't get much Jack time, but man was it wonderful!
9. Tomorrow is your birthday!!!!! WHen you stop in, please say hi to me so I can HUG you!!! Thanks for helping spread the word!! Love you!


2 hours til your birthday!!!!!!! love you!

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