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1st day of kindergarten 2010

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    the 1st day of kindergarten. I took the day off since Riley had the afternoon class and we were getting new bunkbeds and our sofa today!

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April 14, 2010



I'll have to admit I raced home in time to check the DVR last night and make sure GLEE was so was Dancing with the starts, Idol and Parenthood. Ben had given up on TV and went to bed. Yah- so besides all those on TUES nights, I have Oprah and Project Runway. Oh and SYTYCD when it's on. Ben has This Old House and some Animal planet show for Maya.


I had to watch Glee in real time too last night! And I will not admit because it is WAY too much TV. WAY too much.


Glee, Lost, Bones, Fringe, Castle, Vampire Diaries, NCIS, CSI, Criminal Minds, Justified, In Plain Sight. Coming Soon: SYTYCD, Royal Pains, Burn Notice. Some I watch live, some I tape.


I checked and double checked to make sure Glee was recording...It didn't! I was ill. BUT I watched it on! Thank you Fox!
I try to limit myself, there are some shows I can't miss:
Vampire Diaries
Private Practice (but I can't watch it right before bed or I usually cry)
Grey's (same comment about crying)
Stuff I could miss and be ok with it: (but still watch as long as the DVR doesn't erase it)
The Mentalist
Desperate Housewives
Cougar Town
Modern Family
Two and a Half Men

medical consultation

I haven't watch that.. I think that is a beautiful tv show. I'm gonna watch that..

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