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1st day of kindergarten 2010

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    the 1st day of kindergarten. I took the day off since Riley had the afternoon class and we were getting new bunkbeds and our sofa today!

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March 09, 2010



9 - laundry is my constant nightmare, would love to do an all day crop but think I might have to work...if not, count me in!


1. sooo cute!
2. lol
3. I ordered too(gulp). Did you call them? Wonder if an employee needs to be fired.
4. What school? You can email me that... he he...maybe we need to have lunch or coffee or something to wallow(discuss) in despair(detail) the sad sad(exciting) new things happening in our almost 6(5) year old's lives...can you tell I need some SIL time. Ugh....
8. I hear our dinner tonight pretty much bit it. (crock pot ribs) Just can't seem to cook them the right way. Super-dry this time. Lovely.
9. me too. Oh how I would love to crop all day.
10. I think I forgot to order my favorite tag-a-longs...Do you know anyone else selling them now?


Lily keeps insisting that a tooth is loose. I am insisting that it is not.
Bj got his card number stolen too thanks to a work trip with your helpful employer. Apparently everyone who stayed there did. Great. And yeah, I would probably call them, but our card was used in a Walmart in MD (but still, anyone who knows me knows that a $600 purchase at Walmart is total fraud) but the number was stolen in Cleveland. Mmmmmhhhh can I make it back for the crop? hhhhmmmmmmm.

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