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1st day of kindergarten 2010

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    the 1st day of kindergarten. I took the day off since Riley had the afternoon class and we were getting new bunkbeds and our sofa today!

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December 30, 2008



Come on Rachel! You know you want to join Facebook! :) So glad you've updated your blog, count me as one of your 3 or 4 readers!


don't you DARE shut this down. hmphf.


rachel did join facebook...he he. Beautiful pic of your oh so cute boys. Our upstairs bathroom is in need of that same overhaul. The house projects never end!


Merry Christmas (belated)!
I hope you all had a good one!

I sent you an invite to my blog - that has been underground since November. I'm not feeling very bloggy these days, but every once in awhile I post. It looks like you didn't get the first invite.

lots of love!

shellyb are on facebook. aren't you? hope you have a happy new year.


Hey you! So glad to hear you and all your boys had a nice holiday! I didn't get a chance to wish you a Merry Christmas before hand but I sure was thinking about you guys.
Here is to a wonderful New Year!

P.S. Looove the pics of your cuties!

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