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1st day of kindergarten 2010

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    the 1st day of kindergarten. I took the day off since Riley had the afternoon class and we were getting new bunkbeds and our sofa today!

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July 02, 2008



i think we need another coffee night. how about you? love all the pictures....all those babies ;)


Hey Rachel. Hang in there!


beautiful beautiful boys!!! Just look at them and know how blessed you are. God never gives us anything that we can't handle. You are so strong and I love you so much!'


i just read in a great book that compassion rises from moments of mixed joy and sorrow - I instantly thought of some of the e-mails we've exchanged and the mixed ups and downs of the year. I love you, rach (and on another note - david and i have missed you and your boys - we should hang out sometime).


Hey! Do you think I'll ever see you again???? Hang in there with the parent thing...and REMEMBER that everyone problems and things they deal with...AND you are strong!

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